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1st Generation | Woman-Run Farm

Only two generations ago, my family farmed the plains of Denmark. My grandfather, following all the generations before him, plowed the fields that fed his family with the help of his two work horses. Like for many families in the mid 1900s, farming was done out of necessity. Seventy years later, I watch and am inspired by my grandmother who continues to carry on the love for growing food and raising animals.

In 2023, farming is no longer a necessity for survival but rather a learned skill that many have forgotten. But luckily we can teach ourselves everything we need to know to get back to our roots(or growing our roots). Learning to grow food for myself and my community has been incredibly empowering, useful, therapeutic, and rewarding; thus, I have begun Fric and Frac's Farm. Plus, what could be more kick ass than a girl and her dog working with the Earth and following her dream? Thanks for reading and supporting my journey.


About Fric and Frac's Farm

Born in 2023, Fric and Frac's Farm is a one-woman vegetable farm sitting on less than 2 acres at Two Echo Co-housing Community in Brunswick, Maine. Our main focus is to utilize land as efficiently and sustainably as possible while feeding as many people as we can. 


Our food is nutrient rich; grown in cared for and replenished soil. We never, ever use any toxic or non-organic amendments or sprays. If I wouldn't pick it directly out of the ground and eat it, I wouldn't dare sell it to you. 


This Spring and Summer you can find us at Fric and Frac's Farmshack, our onsite Farm store,  where you can purchase all of our available produce. Stay tuned (especially on our Instagram) for our opening day, hours, and available produce!    


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